Accutane 20mg


Isotretinoin Acne Medication
20mg x 30 Capsules

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Isotretinoin (Accutane)
20mg x 30 Capsules

Roaccutane is used for moderate to severe acne it will help stop oily skin by shrinking the sebaceous gland and thus less oil and build up so no bacteria and less acne – it will get rid of exhisting acne too but it should only be used short term – one box should do the trick whist on steroid cycle and needing to get rid of heavy acne pustules / nodules


Please note that this product is on a half price sale because they are past their expiry date (end 2020,).  Having said that, they are perfectly fine to use and will be for many years to come. Think of it like the tin of baked beans in your cupboard…they will be fine to eat in 20 years and will still have the same taste and nutritional value then, as they do now. For these products, this is even more true as they are not perishable like foods and were all manufactured and sealed in a sterile environment.