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    BOLD-TEST 450

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    Test Cypionate 250

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1 x  Cytomel T3, (Liothyronine) x 30 Tablets

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  • Cytomel T3 Reduces the symptoms of -

    Brain fog - Muscle/Joint Aches - Depression - Weight gain and many more .

    No more feeling depressed and fat, no energy.

    90% of patients find some form of T3 beneficial

    The idea is to push free T3 hormone levels to the upper limit of normal, but not to the hyperthyroid range

    Most people just feel energized,clear-headed, and happier,and faster weight reduction.

    Taking T3 by itself with no effort at weight loss generally yields only a modest weight reduction. However, T3 added to other weight reducing efforts, such as wheat elimination and exercise & proper diet accelerates the weight loss effect considerably.

    Athletes use Cytomel to cut fat and get ready for bodybuilding competitions.

    Cytomel T3 works very well when ran along side Clenbuterol.